Our knitted wire words are a charming addition to any home, the selection of words we offer can add a magical touch to a child’s room, a warm look to a sitting room, a cool addition to a wall collage or the perfect gift for a birthday or wedding.


We can't guarantee that our sleepy Zzzz sign will make you little ones sleep longer but it will definietly liven up their bedroom wall!


The words are all shaped and hand knitted at our London studio so you will have something truly unique.

Please note:
All items are handmade so may differ very slightly
All items are for display purposes only and not to be used as toys


Large Z:      H:15cm x W:11.5cm

Medium Z:  H:13cm x W:10cm

Small Z:      H:10.5cm x W:8.5cm

Mini Z:        H:8cm x W:5.5cm